We Are Not Alone

We Are Not AloneThe book I’m reading is opening up new concepts for me. It’s called, We Are Not Alone by Kristen Lamb.

For me, the term “social media” meant:


  • somebody telling a whole group that there would be a rally in at Tahrir Square on Friday at 10 AM.
  • An acquaintance telling me that someone’s was giving a talk this coming Thursday night.
  • A woman I know went shopping on Tuesday.
  • I could sell more books if I learned about social media

That’s what I thought social media was. But Kristen Lamb has expanded my concept. A proper understanding of social media shows, as the title says, that we are not alone. Modern life is not isolated, as many claim. The Internet holds a big community, a big group of friends, if we learn how to see it that way. If I treat these people as true friends they will help me as I help them.

An example is a man named Martin Crosbie. He was a student of mine, but like some students, you give them a few basics of creative writing and off they go. Martin CrosbieMartin put his first novel on the web and worked hard on it. He did very well. His second novel is doing well also. Check him out at http://martincrosbie.com/

I keep my eye out for him in some of the groups I’m in. There he is, helping people – nothing in it for him, but a woman holds an Internet party to launch her book. Martin is there, buying the book. Somebody can’t figure out how to get their Ebook noticed – there’s Martin ready to help. And for me – he’s right there if I have a question.

We are not alone as the book says. You are not alone


images courtesy of: sweetword.over-blog.com


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