15 Minutes a Day

Write for 15 minutes every day.

That’s a rule I preach to every class I’ve ever taught. I realized recently that I’m breaking that rule. Editing student work, organizing classes, editing work from my critique group, and helping others promote our book, Why We Walked Away. Somehow my own writing gets left out of my schedule. The test is the back cover of my next novel Delaney’s Hope. I’ve been working on that back cover for weeks. I should be able to do that in a few hours, counting rewrites, but I can’t seem to finish it. Something has to change in my life and I’m not sure what. Should I:

  • Teach less
  • Block out the first period in the day
  • Think about what’s important to me – writing or all these other things
  • Cancel my email. (I don’t think that’s a good idea)

Any suggestions?


11 responses to “15 Minutes a Day

  1. I say I want to write, but I don’t write. Well, I write on Facebook every day, but that doesn’t count. And look at this: I’m writing a reply to your blog. Oh, my. Personally, I have to write first thing (after my quiet time and feeding cats and calves) or it doesn’t happen. But you’re a published author. I thought it might be different for you 🙂 Of the options listed above, I think the second one (Block out the first period in the day) is the only realistic one. If “Teach less” is an option, that’s fine, too. Your writing is obviously important to you, but so are the other things that take up your time. Life is just so busy! It also seems that life goes in cycles, so maybe you’ll soon be back in the writing cycle. I know you can do it! Maybe I can, as well. Blessings!

    • Thank you very much Cindy. Speaking of good writing, you did a great job answering my question. Your reply brought tears to my eyes.
      For 13 years my wife and I owned a commercial greenhouse in Wisconsin. Life was planting geraniums, flowers and veggie starters and selling them in the spring. Very hard work but close to nature. Maybe you could write about being a farm muse.

      • Hi, Ed! It’s me, again.
        Thank you for your kind words in replying to my post. I actually write a blog named Farm Muse. How did you know that? Did you google it? It’s mostly about life on the farm, from a city girl’s perspective. (I use the term “girl” very loosely.) My husband has been a dairy farmer his entire life, but I married him just 9 years ago. We’re talking culture shock. I hope I can add the address here and you can check it out.
        I plan to participate in NaNoWriMo in November and write about the difficulties endured and the lessons learned. Wish me luck 🙂

  2. Block out other things and write…good idea to go by. Just finished reading Why We Walked Away WOW, all the chapters by different people have the same theme running through them. Loneness, to have that human touch in a special way. All of them are married, most have children and are very happy. Me thinks the Catholic Church should be having a long hard look at this book and open the door ( neve mind the window)

  3. If you get any great responses, please pass them on. I have many stories drifting around in my head but that seems to be as far as it gets. Like meditation, which also often eludes me, setting a particular time daily seems to work for most people. Now, can I follow my own advice? Delora

  4. I’m like the first responder to your question. I say I want to write, but I don’t. I make up many excuses to not sit down and write. Suddenly the linen closet needs organizing or the back of the stove needs cleaning; no one is going to see these messy areas but in my head if EVERYTHING is not in its place then I can’t write! That’s me, still looking for the aha moment, you are a great disciplinarian at writing, I think you will make the time as soon as the other pressing items are taken care of. We need to do coffee soon 🙂

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