A Resolution that will Work.

15 minutesJust 15 minutes every day,

Let’s say you’re a morning person. With your first cup of coffee in hand, you sit down at your computer. It’s 6:45 AM. You’re writing a romance and you’re writing a scene where the two are getting back together after two months apart. You struggle to know what each is thinking. She’s arriving on a flight from Europe.

The scene comes into your mind. You type fast, maybe 400 words, but then the alarm rings. It’s 7:00 AM, time to go to work.

Breakfast, the trip to work – you’re in the airport, with the man, waiting for that plane. There’s a few gaps during the day, and you jot down what he’s thinking, then what she’s thinking. 400 words times 365 days = 146,000 words, way more than you need for a novel

At the beginning of every creative writing class, I ask everyone to introduce themselves. A woman said she was an elementary school teacher, and she had four children. I thought to myself that the woman had almost no time to write.

“I get up at 4:45 every morning and write for an hour. I’ve been doing this for four years. I’ve never had a class in writing, and I haven’t tried to market anything. In fact, I haven’t even edited my work yet, but my stories come alive for me early in the morning.”

The woman’s hour of writing produced some of the best writing I’ve ever seen.

Try it. 15 minutes a day. Then the story will stay with you all day. It will 15 minutes2come alive. 15 minutes a day.

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9 responses to “A Resolution that will Work.

  1. Even if all you do is edit what you wrote the day before, it’s time well used. And you don’t have to get up before the birds, either! Any free moments work.

  2. You’re so right, Ed, and although, as Dave says, any free moments will work, they work better once the idea of the story is already in your head. So I recommend the morning when starting something new – but everybody’s different. Its’ great to see you giving hope to people with busy lives who feel they only have very small windows of opportunity in which to write, thanks. .

    • My trouble is I wake up with ideas in my head but by the time I get seated, they’ve diminished to the point that I sometimes wonder if they’re worth putting on paper 🙂 I need time to let them “gel”.

      • I hear you, Dave. Maybe they’re not diminished, they’re just…. What’s the word that goes there? they are diamonds waiting to be polished, they are pieces of a tree that wait for the carver, they are words that need to be strung together. If I get up and sit at my computer, but nothing comes, I just start typing words, words that might relate to my idea or my story. Sooner or later, one of the words takes off and I’m launched.

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