It’s A Great Age

This is a great age to be a writer. When I first started writing in the eighties, it was a disheartening process. The ‘rules’ told me to get an agent and then I would have an easy time getting a publisher. It didn’t work that way. When I wrote to agents, they said, “Get a publisher and then it will be easy to get an agent.”

Rejection followed rejection, and I began to lose faith in my own ability. What about publishing my books myself?  In those days, experts, teachers and publishers said this was a bad idea.

In the nineties, several companies arose that ignored this advice. They helped writers publish their work, for a fee, of course. I went with one of these companies for a while and published three of my novels with them. (I have since withdrawn completely from this company.) (The reason I withdrew is I found that I could publish books myself or with the help of a few friends.)

It’s a different world today. We can bypass all the gatekeepers, agents, editors, distributors, etc. and go directly to the reader. Writer to Reader. Let the readers decide if you’re a good writer. Of course, the readers have to find out about you, and that’s where it takes some work. However new groups exist to help you. One of the best is Indies (Independents) Unlimited.

It’s a great age to be a writer. Try it. Publish a few of those short stories from the bottom drawer of your desk. Or a collection of your blogs. Or your novel or your whatever. It’s important for us to get published.


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