The Ratio of Writing to Marketing

What is the proper ratio of writing to marketing? How much time do you spend writing and how much on marketing what you write?

This is a bummer of an answer, but I don’t know. And I’ve never found a blog or an essay that does know.

How about you? What is your ratio? Writing 80% — marketing 20%? Here are some other people’s answers to this specific question, “What is your writing-marketing ratio?” This is from one of Amazon’s sites for writers:

  • Mine’s 95% writing and maybe 5% marketing, but I consider books the best marketing strategy out there. (Reply #3)
  • Best marketing is your next book…so…I guess I spend about 98% of my time writing, but 100% of my time marketing. (Reply #7)
  • For now it seems to be a Catch-22. I need more books to sell more books but I’m trying to set up my publishing environment and juggling writing. (Reply #8)
  • In my limited experience (two books) I spend a lot more time marketing during the first month or so after the book comes out and then it tapers off after that…. My hope is that it’ll continue under its own momentum after I’ve gotten it going well. I’m still trying to write at least 1k words a day though. (Reply #11)
  • I spend almost no time marketing. I consider writing the most important thing.(Reply #12)
  • About 20% of the time I’m writing. The rest of it is doing business stuff (including marketing – around 50%), and expanding my book empire. Bwuhahaha! I finally broke down and hired 2 assistants so I have time to create more content. (Reply #23)
  • Writing: 80%. Sleeping my way to the top: 15%. Tequila: 3%.  Macklemore and Ylvis on Youtube: 1%.  Screaming at my Mumbai ghostwriters and marketing/review generation boiler room: .5%  Napping: .5% (Reply #28)
  • I try to line up paid promos at the beginning of the month. This takes a couple of hours, tops. Beyond that, I spend a few minutes a day on FB and Twitter, so I’d say it’s 99% writing/editing and 1% marketing. (Reply #31)

It helps to answer this question for yourself. What is your ratio?


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