This Coming Weekend…

Marketing your novel used to be straightforward. With the help of your writers’ group, you wrote a killer query letter and then you sent it to X number of agents and/or editors. And if you were anything like me, you thereby generated a roomful of rejection letters. The gatekeepers of the industry, the agents and editors, rejected 99 percent of what they received.

For twenty-three years, I did exactly what the gatekeepers told me to do and I got nowhere. Now comes a revolution, the Internet, social media, and Ebooks. I have to start over, but starting over isn’t nearly as hard as it might seem. I can learn a lot of what I need in one weekend. It’s this coming weekend at Douglas College and I’m going.

The Bestsellers List Secrets Weekend.


  – Picking the correct categories and reaching the top of Amazon’s bestseller lists
  – Using Amazon’s Tools to showcase your book to thousands of readers
  – Connecting with the top interview and review sites and getting reviews at NO cost
  – Developing marketing strategies that guarantee exposure to readers of books like yours
  – Creating a professional product without spending a fortune
  – Learning the secret behind great titles
  – Building support systems that work
  – Having media opportunities come to you

The workshop is presented by two people that I know, two people who are going to guide us into the future. Both of them have been where you and I are now. Don’t forget that your costs for learning about writing are tax-deductible. This is the place to spend your dollars for learning about writing and marketing in today’s world.

Gatekeepers?  You won’t meet any of them here. The two instructors are people who will open gates for us.


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