The revolution

I enjoy writing. I go over my work, over and over. I polish it, mostly by sharing it with my critique group. They point out problems I hadn’t noticed. I rewrite it again. But what about selling it?

The marketing world for books has undergone a revolution. Up is down and black is white. Now it’s just the writer and the reader. All those people in the middle are gone, the agents, the editors, the sales staff, the professional readers and so on. Yes, they’re still there for the big sellers, but not for new authors like me.

So now I have to learn a new way. First I have to get my head straight. There’s nothing wrong with this new way. I’m an Indie Writer, I self-publish my books. This used to be looked down upon, but if you think about it, nothing’s wrong with it. I’m proud to be an Indie Writer, at least I should be proud.

I have to learn new ways to market. The marketing is almost completely in my hands. I sign up with groups that will help me, especially Indies Unlimited, I ask other writers for help. Most writers are willing to help, to pay it forward.

The saddest thing for me to see is a man or woman with a great book to sell, but a person who doesn’t realize that everything is changed.

What is your opinion of this revolution?


10 responses to “The revolution

  1. You’re so right, Ed. Only this morning, I read an interesting article by William Buist, one of the marketing gurus, who said, among other things: ‘Selling books without promotion is pretty close to impossible.” It’s what the traditional publishers did – and still do – for their writers, and it’s a very hard thing for new writers to learn and do.

  2. Great article. Love the title of your blog too – what a truth. The world has changed for us writers – and almost anyone who wants to start something, it seems. Are you using KDP to publish?

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