99 cents

Why did Ed Griffin’s Once a Priest get 4.6 on the Amazon scale? It’s because of the people who read it and commented on it. It’s on special for 99 cents Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, April 13, 14 &15.

“It is a deeply personal account of his coming of age in an era of racism and war, as well as his tireless efforts to help and guide those less fortunate, even in the face of much adversity.”
Amazon Review

  The REAL Hero’s Journey
“Once a Priest” is a story about rights and wrongs. It’s as simple as that. I love his story. It made me think about choices I’ve made myself and wonder what I would have done if I were in his shoes. Highly recommended.”
Martin Crosbie, bestselling author of “My Temporary Life”

“His story is everyone’s story but for the fact that not everyone can clear the rubble of others’ expectations. In this way, Ed Griffin’s memoir lights a path of wisdom. Humble, at times self-effacing, yet proud in the best of all senses of the word, Ed would never, I suspect, want others to see him as a hero. But he is. I recommend this book to everyone.”
Elizabeth Lyon, internationally recognized writing expert

 “The result was a dramatic change in the young man’s life story.  ” Robert W Mackay| 3 reviewers made a similar statement

“Very interesting book – and a very interesting guy!  ” Nancy Wilson| 2 reviewers made a similar statement

Regardless of your faith, or lack thereof, this book has something to say about the “process” of living.  ”  Farmer’s Wife| 1 reviewer made a similar statement

In 1965 a young priest had a choice to make. Stand by his convictions and participate in a march in Selma, Alabama or tread softly and abide by the orders from his superiors?

Ed Griffin has spent his life on the outside, waging a war against social injustices.
From marching with Dr. King, and losing his parish, to standing up for his beliefs and leaving the priesthood, to spending twenty years as a volunteer writing teacher inside one of the toughest prisons in Western Canada, Griffin has always been a man willing to stand up for what he believes in.
He’s been a priest, a politician, a husband, a father, and a lifelong advocate championing against social injustices.

Once A Priest is his story.


4 responses to “99 cents

  1. Hey! I’m the Farmer’s Wife. I like that you included my review 🙂 More importantly, I liked your book. Life is interesting, indeed. Blessings!

    • Hi Cindy. Nice to hear from you in person. Thank you for more than one review, I believe. I’m days away from a new book, a collection of my short stories, Life Takes a Turn. Maybe I’ll hear from “the farmer’s wife” again. Thank you.

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