99 cents

I’m excited about my new book, Life Takes a Turn. It’s great that it comes to market in spring, because spring is the time for new things.

My book cover designer has outdone himself this time. In my opinion, this cover exceeds any other cover he’s done for me. And the stories inside have been reviewed by my writing group, the Rainwriters. This group is not one of those writers’ groups who says, “Hey, Ed, that’s a good book. And did you see that new series on Netflix?” No, this group is a business group. We all want to get published. We work hard on our writing. Further, I hired an amazing editor who sees things that I don’t. She leaves me with the spelling and the punctuation, what she’s involved with are the characters and the story. “Would character X say this on page 10? It’s not consistent with his character.”

So to introduce this book and my other new one, Delaney’s Hope, I’m offering both E-books at 99 cents until 10 pm on Wednesday, May 7



and for Delaney’s Hope



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