Marketing a Book — Not

Some friends of mine have produced a book of their memoirs. I’m being vague about the number of these friends and what their memoirs are about. My point is their marketing strategy. They are moving forward as if social media didn’t exist. Two of them have produced books before, one from a vanity press, the other a small novel. They plan to do the traditional things well, book signings, posters, maybe even an author tour. etc.

These things are important, but they are not nearly as important as reaching that massive audience on line, those people with readers who buy E-books. E-books are great, if you promote them. Otherwise they will sit without sales. For printed books the old methods work if you have a lot of staff and a big budget.

In today’s world a blog tour works much better than an author tour.

The world has changed and social media is here to stay. It has changed the music industry and it’s changing the book business. Sadly, a few of my friends in this group seem to glory in the fact that they’ve never read an E-book.

For me, social media tells me that I’m not alone. There are many people out there who care about the same things I care about. I have to learn how to talk about my books without being pushy – BUY MY BOOK. No, if the people on social media are my friends, I’ll approach them as friends.


2 responses to “Marketing a Book — Not

    • Thanks, Bob, for your comment. These friends of mine are locked in old ways. One man speaks proudly of his success as a vanity press author. They are close to having a new Print on Demand publisher print their book. They imagine that it will be in every bookstore in the country.

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