Point of View

Sometimes when you write a story, the point of view you choose is obvious. In other situations, the point of view is less clear. Here are some rules for point of view:

1.Deciding on point of view is a narrative strategy.

2. Choose the point of view that:

  • Shows instead of tells
  • Gives the most emotional impact
  • Supplies the most:
  •          emotion
  •          conflict
  •          suspense
  •          reader identity
  •          author’s message

3. Some points of view are harder to do than others. Choose a point of view that you are comfortable with.

4. Establish early in your story what point of view you’ll be using. If you switch between your two lead characters early in the story, the reader will expect to see those viewpoints throughout.

Be clear about your switches in point of view.

5. Never switch point of view in the middle of a scene.

6. Use the three dots to indicate a shift in point of view.

What is your favorite point of view?



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