Article Writing

Writing articles is the best way for a beginning writer to get published. 85% of everything that’s written is non-fiction. When I began writing, I tried to get short stories and a novel published. No luck. Then I wrote a short humor piece about how my wife was 100% Irish, but she kept serving the family Italian meals. The Milwaukee Sentinel published the article and sent me a check for $25.00.

I was now officially a writer. It’s strange how we think – we do not believe we are writers until someone in the industry says we are writers. We need this affirmation.

I’ve learned to write a query letter before I write an article. Usually I get fired up about some subject, I go home and work for hours polishing an article about whatever, but I never think: Where am I going to get this published?

This is the wrong way to do it. A business approach to writing would dictate that I find a market for my article and THEN write it.

So write a query letter first. A query letter should reveal:

  •       The slant you intend to use.
  •       The tone of the article
  •       Your qualifications to write about the subject
  •       Your ability to write. Your past successes as a writer

The editor will give you a YES based on the quality of your query letter.

Every one of us has numerous articles inside. Write a series of subjects in one column and opposite it, write a subject you could write about.

e.g. PETS                                Our house cat thinks….etc.

Once you have a subject, think about it, stare at it. The article will write itself.


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