Creative Writing Classes for Eager Students

Now is the time for all good men and women to sign up for a creative writing class you won’t forget. It’s at the Phoenix Centre, Monday mornings from 10 to noon. Starting Monday, September 15, get a cup of coffee, forget a lot of the stuff you learned in school and come to the classroom on the ground floor of the building on your left as you drive in.

Your guide to learning is Ed Griffin, who’s taught creative writing for twenty years. And the cost? We pass the hat and you put in whatever you want.

Here are some of the things we’ll work on:

  • The hero of your story, man or woman, and the hero’s journey
  • Plot, Character, Dialogue.
  • Novels, Short Stories, Poetry, Article Writing
  • The most important thing – your work.

Now is the time to put your name, phone number or email, on paper. Step into a new world, tell the story that makes you want to cry, that begs you to write it down. Now. Now. Now.

Maybe this class is not what you need, but you know somebody who could use it.

If you have questions call Ed at 604-582-1171 or email him at


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